3D Print Galaxy Lamp - Cute Addictions
3D Print Galaxy Lamp - Cute Addictions
3D Print Galaxy Lamp - Cute Addictions
3D Print Galaxy Lamp - Cute Addictions
3D Print Galaxy Lamp - Cute Addictions

3D Print Galaxy Lamp
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Hold the Galaxy in your hand! The perfect night light or overall lamp with 7 colors to choose from!

Night lights have long been regarded as a sleeper’s best friend. They are particularly helpful if you are a light sleeper. Or have kids who are unable to sleep in the dark. Old night lights used to be plugged in to the wall socket, directly into a wall. However, this design is sort of dated. If you are looking for a night light which is practical and attractive, then the 3D Print Galaxy Lamp is the one to purchase. This night light has an awesome design, which is a treat for sci-fi fans or for people into astronomy.

The night light has a lovely design, which is compact, making it suitable to place on smaller tables. The light also comes with its own wooden stand, which has an angular design and does its job well. The light has a spherical shape. And hence, it is necessary to use its included stand, lest you want it to roll around everywhere. You can power it using a USB cable anywhere you please. Due to this, you can power the 3D Print Galaxy Lamp using any device with a compatible USB port. Like a laptop, desktop, wall adapter or phone charger. This also means that it can work with a portable battery bank, making it ideal to use in photography.

It is available in a diameter of 15cm or 8cm. Lighting options include a 2 color touch, 7 color touch or 16 color remote model. Its changing colors also allow it to fit in any interior. And will work well with color changing light bulbs or other such lighting fixtures.

BATTERY - Built-in rechargeable battery (USB charging cord included) provides 4-15 hours of illumination. Recharge your moon lamp with any standard micro-USB charging cable.

MATERIAL- We craft this lamp with non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly PLDM material, making it a perfect gift for your love ones and children to play with.

WARRANTY - We back all our products! We provide a 1 year warranty with this product, just contact us if you have any issues. 

What is included:

  • 1x Wireless 3D Galaxy Print Lamp (3 Color, 7 Color or 16 Color)
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Magnetic Wooden Base

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